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Vacation Bible School

Every summer, many churches across the United States sponsor a weeklong camp called vacation bible school.  This “camp” is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about God’s word and the Bible.  It provides kids from very young to teenagers a place to go and share in the joy of Jesus Christ.  Most of the time, the vacation bible school session will have a theme to make it more fun for the children.  This can range from a surfer or beach theme to a wild animal theme.  It’s up to the church how they would like to present it.  The teachers of vacation bible school are usually comprised of volunteers who are members of the church.  Most of the time it lasts for a week but in some cases it can last up to several weeks, and it’s usually for about four hours a day.  Children will participate in all kinds of fun activities including arts and crafts, singing, and games.  It helps to enhance interaction while teaching kids about various aspects of the Bible.

Not only does vacation bible school provide a great experience for children, it also can give parents a much-needed rest during the summer while they are out of school.  Some churches also actually offer an adult version of vacation bible school.  It is a wonderful opportunity for learning and fellowship.  In many cases people who have not previously attended the church become members following their vacation bible school classes.  If you are interested in attending these wonderful learning opportunities, contact some local churches and find out when they are offering their summer vacation bible school sessions.  Typically they take place during the months of June and July and do require registration ahead of time, so be sure to ask questions about getting you or your children registered so you may take part in this wonderful opportunity.

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