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Teacher Educators: What Do We Know?

Screening for School Entry.

Self-Study in Higher Education: The Path to Excellence.

Academic Program Reviews.

Flexibility in Academic Staffing.

Professional Education.

Blue Ribbon Commissions and Higher Education.

Post-Tenure Faculty Evaluation.

Controversies Surrounding Developmental Education in the Community College.

Alternatives to Standardized Tests.

Measurement Implications of "A Nation at Risk."

Assessing the Student Attrition Problem.

Rural Student Achievement: Elements for Consideration.

Legal Issues in Testing.

Minimum Competency Testing and the Handicapped.

Student Evaluation of Teacher Performance.

Peer Helping Relationships in Urban Schools.

Program Review. ERIC Digest.

A Reappraisal of Instructional Television.

Identifying Gifted and Talented American Indian Students.

Standardized Testing of American Indian Students.

Approaching Evaluation in Small Schools.

How Do Teachers Communicate?

Some Caveats When Applying Two Trends in Diagnosis: Remedial Reading.

The Master's Degree.

Learning Styles.

Infant Day Care: The Critical Issues.

Finding Information about Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest No. 2.

Improving Your Test-Taking Skills. ERIC Digest Number 101.

Explaining Test Results to Parents. ERIC Digest Number 102.

Policy Analysis for School Districts. ERIC Digest Series Number EA30.

Proficiency Testing in the Less Commonly Taught Languages. ERIC Digest.

Counselors' Use of Tests: Process and Issues. Highlights: An ERIC/CAPS Digest.

Assessing Counselor Performance. Highlights: An ERIC/CAPS Digest.

Evaluation Strategies for Vocational Program Redesign. ERIC Digest No. 84.

Cooperative Learning Strategies and Children. ERIC Digest.

Teaching Writing with Peer Response Groups. Encouraging Revision. ERIC Digest.

Adult Literacy Issues: An Update. ERIC Digest No. 89.

Faculty Evaluation: Its Purposes and Effectiveness. ERIC Digest.

The Second IEA Science Study: Data Related to Precollege Science in the U.S.A. ERIC/SMEAC Science Educat

The Issue: Adult Literacy Assessment. ERIC Digest.

Student Tracking Systems in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest, September 1989.

Employers' Expectations of Vocational Education. ERIC Digest No. 90.

Cooperative Education: Characteristics and Effectiveness. ERIC Digest No. 91.

Alternatives to Standardized Educational Assessment. ERIC Digest Series Number EA 40.

Preparing Students To Take Standardized Achievement Tests. ERIC Digest.

Interpreting Test Scores for Compensatory Education Students. ERIC Digest.

Using Customized Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest.

The GED Testing Program. ERIC Digest.

Communicating Scholastic Success. ERIC Digest.

Computerized Adaptive Tests. ERIC Digest No. 107.

Constructing Classroom Achievement Tests. ERIC Digest.

Evaluating Workshops and Institutes. ERIC Digest.

Finding Non-Commercial Tests. ERIC Digest No. 110.

Five Common Misuses of Tests. ERIC Digest No. 108.

Improving Teacher Evaluations. ERIC Digest No. 111.

Integrating Testing with Teaching. ERIC Digest.

Talking to Your Child's Teacher about Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest No. 106.

Talking to Your High School Students about Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest No. 105.

Evaluating Student Writing: Methods and Measurement. ERIC Digest., Hyslop, Nancy B.

Assessment for National Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest 7-88., Baron, Barbara

Hispanic Education in America: Separate and Unequal. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 59., Wells, Amy Stuart

Vocational Education Performance Standards. ERIC Digest No. 96., Imel, Susan

Accountability in Mathematics Education. ERIC/SMEAC Mathematics Digest No. 3, 1988., Howe, Robert W.; Warren, Charles R.

Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for Mathematics Education. ERIC/SMEAC Mathematics Education Digest No. 1, 1990., Suydam,

Parent Education and Support Programs. ERIC Digests., Powell, Douglas R.

Testing Literature: The Current State of Affairs. ERIC Digest., Purves, Alan C.

The Assessment of Educational Outcomes. ERIC Digest., Heaney, Barbara

Evaluating Educational Programs. ERIC Digest Series Number EA 54., Beswick, Richard

Adult Literacy Learner Assessment. ERIC Digest No. 103., Imel, Susan

Can Performance-Based Assessments Improve Urban Schooling? ERIC Digest Number 56., Ascher, Carol

Authentic Writing Assessment. ERIC Digest., Chapman, Carmen

Authentic Reading Assessment. ERIC Digest., Dutcher, Peggy

Evaluating Principals. ERIC Digest Series Number 60., Peterson, David

Proprietary Schools: Programs, Policies and Prospects. ERIC Digest., Lee, John B.; Merisotis, Jamie P.

Writing RFPs for Assessment Programs. ERIC Digest., Aschbacher, Pamela E.

Accountability Mechanisms in Big City School Systems. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 71., Darling-Hammond, Linda; Ascher, Carol

Portfolios: Assessment in Language Arts. ERIC Digest., Farr, Roger

An Overview of the Six National Education Goals. ERIC Digest., Swanson, Beverly B.

Workplace Literacy Programs for Nonnative English Speakers. ERIC Digest., Isserlis, Janet

School-Based Management and Student Performance. ERIC Digest, Number 62., Peterson, David

The Case for Validity Generalization. ERIC/TM Digest., Rafilson, Fred

Steps in Designing an Indicator System. ERIC/TM Digest., Shavelson, Richard J.; And Others

What Are Educational Indicators and Indicator Systems? ERIC/TM Digest., Shavelson, Richard J.; And Others

Using Biodata as a Selection Instrument. ERIC/TM Digest., Crafts, Jennifer

The Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST). ERIC/TM Digest., Baker, Eva L.; Linn, Robert

Meta-Analysis in Educational Research. ERIC Digest., Bangert-Drowns, Robert L.; Rudner, Lawrence M.

Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom. ERIC Digest., Bonwell, Charles C.; Eison, James A.

Five Key Issues in Restructuring. ERIC Digest, Number 69., Conley, David T.

CACREP Accreditation: Setting the Standard for Counselor Preparation. ERIC Digest., Bobby, Carol L.

Portfolio and Test Essay: The Best of Both Writing Assessment Worlds at SUNY Brockport. ERIC Digest., Brand, Alice G.

Instructional Development for Distance Education. ERIC Digest., Willis, Barry

Liberal Arts at the Community College. ERIC Fact Sheet.,

The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children. ERIC Digest., Grace, Cathy

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards--Update. ERIC Digest., Baratz-Snowden, Joan

Developing Learner Outcomes for Gifted Students. ERIC Digest #E514., VanTassel-Baska, Joyce

The Assessment of Entering Students. ERIC Fact Sheet, No. 6.,

Authentic Mathematics Assessment. ERIC/TM Digest., Pandey, Tej

Person-Fit Statistics: High Potential and Many Unanswered Questions. ERIC/TM Digest., Bracey, Gerald; Rudner, Lawrence M.

Resampling: A Marriage of Computers and Statistics. ERIC/TM Digest., Rudner, Lawrence M.; Shafer, Mary Morello

Reducing Errors Due to the Use of Judges. ERIC/TM Digest., Rudner, Lawrence M.

Educational Guide for Studying Abroad

Necessities in Academics: An Educational Guide to Citation Styles

Jane Elliott's Education Exercise

A Teacher's Resource: Teaching Students With Disabilities

A Timeline of Black History

Student Assessments Resource

The Influence of Charles Dickens on Literature Education

Assessing Children's Literacy Skills at Home

Educational Study Tools: Mind Maps & Graphic Organizers

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