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Health Lesson Plans

Teaching a health class is an important job, learning about health is one of the most important things any person could learn. Health teachers must develop health lesson plans that will prepare their students for future health issues. It’s also vital for teachers to provide students with information on how to keep themselves healthy. Teachers should also advocate fit bodies and fit minds. Health lesson plans should also apply to the students you are teaching. It’s important to teach at a level that is appropriate for your students’ age group.

Nutrition is the most important aspect of health lesson plans. Today, many people are plagued with obesity, so it’s prime to teach your students about proper nutrition. The teacher should first teach the students the four basic food groups, and how the foods all work together to keep humans healthy. Next the teacher should give lessons on physical fitness, and convey how important exercise is to their health. Teachers should also show students what could happen if they don’t get proper exercise. Students should also learn the benefits of exercise as well as given exercise techniques. Sometimes it’s helpful to show students occupations that require physical fitness.

Many schools ask that sex education be incorporated into your health lesson plans, which depends on the students age level. When teaching this subject, it is always important for teachers to review their school’s curriculum and guidelines about sex education. Sometimes the students must get parental permission before the teacher can cover this subject. Sex is a sensitive issue, and many parents aren’t comfortable with sex education being taught in classrooms. Teachers must always be careful when covering sex in the health classes. It has also become common for teachers to include drug education in their health lesson plans. Most students benefit from seeing drug education videos in the classroom. It may also be effective to invite guest speakers that will speak about drug and alcohol abuse. Guest speakers will be able to show students the real effect substance abuse has on your health.

Using First Aid and CPR training in your health lesson plans may be effective, and will bring excitement to your health class. However, the training should only be available to older students. Most trainers will give First Aid and CPR training to students for free, although the training may require parental permission. Students will have fun while learning lifesaving techniques. It’s also a good idea to educate students on possible hazards within their homes, and to teach them proper techniques for putting out fires and how to prevent them. Some fun activities may include taking a field trip to a firehouse. Students will have the chance to learn safety and physically fitness techniques from firefighters. Health lesson plans should be fun and exciting, so students will never forget what it means to be healthy and fit.

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