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Math Lessons

Math lessons need not be all paper work or rote memorization of multiplication tables, but math lessons can be fun and interesting for every age. Unfortunately, many children feel that they have a “math block” one of the reasons for this is that perhaps math was not presented to them in a fun and interesting way and they instinctively avoid it. If math lessons which involve creativity, images and the use of imagination are taught to children from an early age, then a child will learn to love math as well as the concept that is being presented.

Many people remember counting apples, oranges and other fun counting games as part of their Kindergarten Math lessons. Many children who gain tremendous self-confidence from counting correctly feel discouraged and overwhelmed by math lessons later on. Therefore, all math concepts should be given over in a way that holds the interest of a child, is interactive and gives him or her a sense of mastery. For instance, you can encourage children to make a bar graph showing how much they love particular types of ice cream, or to teach probability by tossing coins. For children who love sports, baseball statistics can be used to demonstrate concepts in math lessons. One popular way of teaching fractions is using math lessons that involve dividing up food among the class (pies and pizzas are good examples, but there should of course be enough for everyone.)

Teach children addition and subtraction in you math lessons by taking them through an imaginary store where they pay for goods and are given change. Have children takes turns as the cashier. For memorization of multiplication tables, you can have contests with prizes or have students demonstrates principles learned in math lessons by going to the chalk board. Enabling students to play the role as teachers will improve their knowledge of the subject matter and raise their self confidence.

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