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Physical Education Lesson Plans

The purpose of physical education is to instill good habits in children that will last a lifetime. This is essential nowadays because obesity is becoming a national epidemic and unfortunately, children are starting young with eating junk food. Physical education lesson plans should include enough variety and stimulation to inspire kids to love fitness, and in addition to the active component, there should also be emphasis on healthy eating choices.

Physical education lesson plans should take account of the time that will actually be spent in games or exercise. There is a lot of time spent in the lockers rooms, dressing and undressing and showering. However, physical education lesson plans should limit the time spent in preparatory activities and gym teacher should set a strict time limit on the amount of time spent in the locker rooms.

Physcial education lesson plans should vary according to the season. Of course, every gym class begins with warm-ups and warm-downs, but the games in between should reflect the seasons and include basketball in the winter and baseball in the summer. There need to be alternate activities for rainy days if, for instance, the class went outside to play baseball.

Aerobics is a good indoor exercise that incorporates music and fitness and can help inspire students to adopt good habits. Track and field should be incorporated into springtime physical education lesson plans, and obstacle courses and field days can be fun end-of-the year activities. Physical education lesson plans should include occasional outings, such as going swimming or playing golf on a course.

As part of physical education lesson plans, some time should be devoted to discussing nutrition and good health habits. This should not take the form of lecturing, but there can be brief discussions before or after physical activity about the dangers of unhealthy eating. A gym teacher can bring in some unappetizing images of what clogged arteries look like. However, positive reinforcement usually works best to inspire pupils to develop good eating and exercise habits.

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