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English Lesson Plans

Many adults who love to read seek out a book club: a group of people who read the same book at the same time, then meet to discuss it. They find that they really enjoy reading and discussing good literature with a group, and their discussions enhance their enjoyment of the book. This model works very well in a classroom setting and is a wonderful thing for teachers to integrate into their English lesson plans.

In schools, such groups might be called literature circles, book clubs or reading buddies. Regardless of what you call it, the goal is for a small group of students to come together on a regular basis to talk about a book they are reading together. The groups should be about 4-8 students. This concept can be started as soon as students are reading chapter books with more complex plotlines.

Sometimes the students might choose the book from a list given by the teacher, other times the teacher might dictate the book, and much higher level students might be able to choose a book with the teachers approval. The students should be allowed to meet as a group a minimum of twice a week. The students can take turns being the group facilitator, coming with questions to pose to the group and making sure everyone has a chance to share. For younger students, this will certainly take plenty of modeling and guidance, and they might need an adult to help them as they get going.

Teachers might choose to provide literature guides to the groups, including major vocabulary words, questions, and points they might want to discuss. These guides might also include activities that the students need to respond to. Literature groups are a refreshing way to get your students reading together, and include something less teacher directed in your English lesson plans.

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