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Geography Lesson Plans

Geography is a broad topic that encompasses many concepts, depending on the level of the students. From learning about continents and oceans at the younger ages, to cities, rivers and mountain ranges with older children, there is a great deal of content for children to learn and memorize. A fun way to help children learn the many different geographical terms they need to know, is by incorporating a classroom version of the hit game show Jeopardy into your geography lesson plans. Children are instantly excited about being able to play their own version of this game, and it encourages them to remember content that might otherwise feel tedious.

Creating your own version of this game in the classroom is simple. Start by thinking about the categories of things your students have been studying: bodies of water, countries, mountain ranges, cities or states are a few ideas. You can use a large piece of poster board or a black board as the background. Choose 4-6 main categories and affix those in columns across the top of the board.

Next, come up with 4-6 questions to fit under each category. Under mountain ranges, you might ask: What is the largest mountain range in the United States? Come up with questions that touch on basic concepts your students have been studying and need to master. Assign each question a certain point value, usually in multiples of 100. Arrange these on the board in order under the corresponding topic.

Finally, divide your class into 3-4 teams. Students will take turns choosing a question. They either need to answer individually or as a team, and there should be a time limit. Keep track of the points and see who has the highest score in the end. Your students will beg you to play this game over and over, and it is a useful tool when reviewing for quizzes or tests. Your geography lesson plans have never been so simple!

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