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Elementary Lesson Plans

Probably one of the most essential items a teacher has is their lesson plan book. Elementary teachers usually teach at least 5 different subjects. Each day their students go to different specials such as physical education, music or art. There is recess, lunch, snack and all-school assemblies to keep track of as well. Throw in a parent conference or two, and teachers need to make sure their lesson plans are well organized.

Teachers have found a variety of unique and useful ways to organize their elementary lesson plans. The most basic is a lesson plan book that you can buy in any teacher store. It typically has rows and columns with the days of the week headings and time slots throughout each day. This is a good way to start. Some are arranged so the day runs vertically, others horizontally across the page. Its important to decide which spatial arrangement works best for you. They are nicely bound, so you can keep them from year to year to refer to.

Another popular method of organizing your elementary lesson plans has been to use a database spreadsheet to customize a specific plan book format. Ideally this contains all of the items mentioned above, but it is created by you, specifically to match your daily schedule. It can be changed when the need arises, and designed for your particular class that year. If you like a lot of room to list things to do, you can add that. You can have the daily specials typed in, so they dont take up much room.

You can keep these plans in a three ring binder, and start a new binder for each year, so they can be easily referenced. Regardless of how you decide to organize your elementary lesson plans, it is imperative to come up with a system that is easy to use now, and will be simple to refer to in the future.

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