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The Nature of Evaluation Part I: Relation to Psychology, PDF

The Nature of Evaluation Part II: Training, PDF

Thinking Skills in English--And across the Curriculum. ERIC Digest.

Developing Homework Policies. ERIC Digest.

Meta-Analysis Research on Science Instruction. ERIC/SMEAC Science Education Digest No. 1.

Alternative Certification for Teachers. ERIC Digest 1, 1986.

Grade Retention and Promotion.

Critical Thinking in the Social Studies. ERIC Digest No. 30.

ESL Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest.

Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest 11.

Screening for School Entry.

Critical Thinking in College English Studies. ERIC Digest.

Ability Grouping in Elementary Schools.

Critical Thinking Skills and Teacher Education. ERIC Digest 3-88.

Learning Styles. ERIC Digest.

Improving Your Test-Taking Skills. ERIC Digest Number 101.

ESL in Special Education. ERIC Digest.

Promotion Policies in the Urban High School. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 48.

Critical Thinking: Promoting It in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.

Preparing Students To Take Standardized Achievement Tests. ERIC Digest.

Using Customized Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest.

Constructing Classroom Achievement Tests. ERIC Digest.

A Glossary of Measurement Terms. ERIC Digest.

Talking to Your Child's Teacher about Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest No. 106.

Assessment for National Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest 7-88., Baron, Barbara

Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children. ERIC Digest #E487., Roedell, Wendy C.

Assessing Bilingual Students for Placement and Instruction. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 65., Ascher, Carol

Teaching Critical Thinking through Environmental Education. ERIC/SMEAC Environmental Education Digest No. 2., Howe, Robert W

How Can We Teach Critical Thinking? ERIC Digest., Carr, Kathryn S.

Measuring Kindergartners' Social Competence. ERIC Digest., Pellegrini, A. D.; Glickman, Carl D.

The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. ERIC Digest., Loxley, Bill

Referring Language Minority Students to Special Education. ERIC Digest., Olson, Paula

Bilingual Special Education. ERIC Digest #E496., Baca, Leonard M.; Cervantes, Hermes T.

Multicultural Education for Exceptional Children. ERIC Digest #E498., Gollnick, Donna M.; Chinn, Philip C.

The National Education Goals: Questions and Answers. ERIC Digest., Swanson, Beverly B.

The Case for Validity Generalization. ERIC/TM Digest., Rafilson, Fred

National Research Center on Student Learning. ERIC/TM Digest., Glaser, Robert; Resnick, Lauren

Meta-Analysis in Educational Research. ERIC Digest., Bangert-Drowns, Robert L.; Rudner, Lawrence M.

Learning Styles Counseling. ERIC Digest., Griggs, Shirley A.

So You Want To Be a Teacher. ERIC Digest.,

The Translation Profession. ERIC Digest., Hammond, Deanna Lindberg

Critical Thinking in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest., Hirose, Shannon

Higher Order Thinking Skills in Vocational Education. ERIC Digest No. 127., Kerka, Sandra

The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children. ERIC Digest., Grace, Cathy

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards--Update. ERIC Digest., Baratz-Snowden, Joan

Successful Detracking in Middle and Senior High Schools. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 82., Ascher, Carol

Providing an Appropriate Education to Children with Attention Deficit Disorder. ERIC Digest #E512.,

Multiple Perspectives on the Quality of Early Childhood Programs. ERIC Digest., Katz, Lilian G.

Young Children's Social Development: A Checklist. ERIC Digest., McClellan, Diane E.; Katz, Lilian G.

Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning. ERIC Digest., Hancock, Vicki E.

Teaching Critical Reading through Literature. ERIC Digest., Collins, Norma Decker

Alternative Assessment and Technology. ERIC Digest.,

Video Games and Children. ERIC Digest., Cesarone, Bernard

Improving the Quality of Student Notes. ERIC/AE Digest., Potts, Bonnie

The Concept of Statistical Significance Testing. ERIC/AE Digest., Thompson, Bruce

Organizing for Effective Reading Instruction. ERIC Digest., Nelson, Carol

Assessing the Development of Preschoolers. ERIC Digest., Katz, Lilian G.

Adult ESL Learner Assessment: Purposes and Tools. ERIC Digest., Burt, Miriam; Keenan, Fran

Miscellaneous ERIC System related files

Notice about ERIC from the US Dept of Education

A Glossary of Measurement Terms. ERIC Digest.,

Life Skills Mastery for Students with Special Needs. ERIC Digest #E469., Goodship, Joan M.

School Violence Prevention. ERIC Digest, Number 94., Walker, Dean

The Benefits of Mixed-Age Grouping. ERIC Digest., Katz, Lilian G.

Grading Students. ERIC/AE Digest., Cross, Lawrence H.

Using Grading Guides To Shape and Evaluate Business Writing. ERIC Digest., Hyslop, Nancy

Empowering the Faculty: Mentoring Redirected and Renewed. ERIC Digest., Luna, Gaye; Cullen, Deborah L.

Ongoing Dilemmas of School Size: A Short Story. ERIC Digest., Howley, Craig

Why Bilingual Education? ERIC Digest., Krashen, Stephen

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Famous Women in Testing

Assessment FAQs

Ability Grouping in Elementary Secondary Education

ERIC Citations for

Bilingual Special Education Assessment

Block Scheduling FAQ

ERIC Citations for Block Scheduling

Cognitive Styles FAQ

ERIC Citations for Cognitive or Learning Styles (General)

ERIC Citations for Learning Styles and Elementary Education

ERIC Citations for Research on the Validity of Selected Cognitive Styles Inventories

ERIC Citations for Cognitive Style Inventory Description

Critical Thinking Skills - Definitions and Assessment

ERIC Citations for Test Selection

ERIC Citations for Standards for Educational Tests

Finding Information About Educational Tests

Instructions for Using the ERIC Test Locator

General Educational Development Tests (GED)

ERIC Citations for Grade Repetition in Early Childhood Education

ERIC Citations for Grade Repetition/Social Promotion in Elementary Secondary Education

Grade Repetition / Social Promotion - What the Research Indicates

ERIC Citations for Grading in Elementary Secondary Education

ERIC Citations for Grading in Higher Education

Grading Students FAQ

Homework - Policies, Practices, and Guides for Helping Parents and Teachers to Help Students

Assessment FAQs

Intelligence - Its Characteristics and Appropriate Assessment

ERIC Citations for the Methodology of Meta Analysis

Meta Analysis in Educational Research - An Overview

ERIC Citations for Evaluating Teacher Evaluation Programs

ERIC Citations for Meta Evaluation in Educational Program Evaluation

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