Online Law Degree

An online law degree is a degree that is granted to an individual who successfully manages to complete all required courses in the study of law. In the United States a law degree is referred to as Juris Doctor (JD) whereas in Canada, Australia and an assortment of Commonwealth countries, it is called a Bachelor of Laws (abbreviated to LL.B.). For those who cannot commit themselves to full time study at a conventional law school, studying for an online degree is the way to go.


Many law schools offer the Juris Doctor degree or online law degree to be done completely via the Internet with no need to set foot in a real law school. The schools that offer an online law degree to students do so with the combination of state-of-the-art technology and Internet-adaptive technologies. An online law degree makes it possible for a student to consider many career options upon graduation. After successfully finishing the online law degree program a student can apply to write the bar examination in their state. If the student successfully passes the bar as well as fulfills a number of stipulated statutory requirements they then become eligible to practice law in the state in which they call home. They can also practice law in a variety of courts on a federal level.

Interested in going to an online paralegal college? If you are interested in taking paralegal courses to receive an online paralegal certificate can be a great way to help your law career.

It is important to choose a school for your online law degree that is accredited (in particular by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)). Studying for an online law degree involves legal education that can only be described as comprehensive and rigorous which includes a curriculum that is personalized and also includes a detailed study program. An online degree takes a cryptic look at both the theoretical as well as the practical side of the law and pays particular emphasis to how the law plays a critical role in our society as well as looks at the practical way that lawyers are necessary within the confines of the legal system.