Degrees Online

If you’re wondering why getting degrees online has turned into such an accepted way of getting a degree, you should also know that getting degrees online is growing in popularity as it becomes more and more accepted by the general public.  At its inception, most educational experts treated online degrees as inconsequential, assuring everyone that real degrees can not be earned online and that anyone who claims to have a degree earned online does not have a degree that you should give much weight to.  However, all that has changed since the first online degrees appeared in the 90’s.

Getting degrees online is now considered, in most fields, to be just as rigorous as getting degrees the traditional way—in a classroom.  Online degrees are now getting more and more respect as employers find out that their employees who earned their degrees online are just as capable as their employees who earned their degrees in a traditional university setting.  Some employers even prefer job candidates with degrees earned online.  They state the reasoning behind this is that students who have the drive and the self-discipline to complete this sort of volume of work at home make much better employees because they are self-motivating and good at time management.

Another factor to consider is that many job candidates who have earned a degree online are older than their traditional-student counterparts and competitors applying for the same job.  A younger student is statistically more likely to attend college in a traditional setting, whereas a working adult with a family is statically more likely to seek out more flexible options such as the opportunity to earn degrees online. 

For these reasons, getting a degree online is growing in popularity not only among the student population, but also among employers in general.  While it used to be that online degrees were disfavored because employers were not interested in employees with online degrees, the pendulum is currently swinging in the other direction.