Internet Associate Degree

An associate degree is defined as, “An academic degree awarded by community colleges, junior colleges and some bachelor’s degree-granting colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study usually lasting two years.” An internet associate degree can take more than one form. You can work towards an Associate of Arts degree (abbreviated to AA), an Associate of Science degree (AS), an Associate of Applied Science (or AAS) degree, which is also sometimes referred to as an Associate of Arts and Sciences and finally, the last type, an Associate of Business Administration (or ABA).

An associate degree began to gain popularity in the United States in the 1970’s while today earning an internet associate degree is becoming more popular all of the time. An internet associate degree is considered to be the lowest of all academic degrees and is comparable to the first two years of attending a four-year university or college program. An internet associate degree can be broken down into two categories- that of a transfer degree and a career or professional degree. An internet associate degree that is a transfer degree provides a solid foundation for those who want to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree and maybe a master’s degree after that. Transfer degrees include the Associate of Arts degree, the Associate of Science degree, the Associate of Fine Arts degree and the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree. The last one mentioned, the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree is sometimes called an Associate of Arts “with an emphasis in teacher education.”

An internet associate degree that is deemed as a career or professional degree is also extremely valuable for future career development. The Associate of Applied Science degree and the Associate of Business Administration degree fall under this category. When it comes to the former, often the general education requirements are not stressed as much so that the student is able to study as much in their program area as is possible. This is the most common route taken for those who want to look for a job soon after earning their degree. The latter is often for those intending to continue on with their business major either in an online or traditional university. Taking the time to earn an internet associate degree is a guaranteed way to improve your chances at finding success on your chosen career path.

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