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 Assessment Resources

  • Assessment and Evaluation on the Internet - our award winning, massive pathfinder of resources across the Internet. The resources are carefully organized and annotated (to close on or about Dec 15, 2003).  
  • FAQs - These responses to Frequently Asked Questions point educators and others to Internet, ERIC, and traditional print resources dealing with specific topics of interest. FAQ's are very useful tools because they point users directly to sources of information; saving the user from conducting lengthy and time-consuming searches.   (to close on or about Dec 15, 2003).  
  • Library - our library of full text books, booklets, reports and journal articles on assessment, evaluation and research.
  •  (to close on or about Dec 15, 2003).  
  • PARE - Practical Assessment Research and Evaluation - our on-line journal. (moved to http://edresearch.org/pare/ . Will probably move again)
  • Maryland Assessment Archive - A large collection of papers pertaining to the Maryland State Assessments.
  • Meta Analysis Page - Meta-analysis refers to the analysis of analyses...the statistical analysis of a large collection of analysis results from individual studies for the purpose of integrating the findings. (Glass, 1976, p. 3) This page is intended to help you learn more about meta-analysis by providing you with an overview; links to relevant documents and resources; and free, high-quality software. (to move to http://edres.org/meta ).
  • MDT page - Measurement decision theory is a measurement model for classifying examinees based on statistical decision theory. The model is, in many ways superior to Item Response Theory when the goal is simply classification. This page presents the model and features an interactive module which allows you to try different inputs and see the resulting decisions. Additional resources are provided. (to move to http://edres.org/mdt ).
  • BETSY - Bayesian Essay Test Scoring sYstem - A research project for automated essay scoring. Downloadable software is available for research use. (to move to http://edres.org/betsy ).
  • IRT page - Resources to help you learn more about Item Response theory. Featured is a no-cost, on-line version of Baker, F. (2001) Basics of Item Response Theory and accompanying software. Links and other resources are provided. (to move to http://edres.org/irt ).
  • CAT tutorial - Here you will have the opportunity to learn the logic of CAT and see the calculations that go on behind the scenes. You can play with an actual CAT. We provide the items and the correct answers. You can try different scenarios and see what happens. You can pretend you are a high ability, average or low ability examinee. You can intentionally miss easy items. You can get items right that should be very hard for you. (to move to http://edres.org/scripts/cat ).

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