Bachelors Degree

A Bachelors degree is the most useful and common credential a college offers a student so that he or she will find healthy employment upon graduation. A bachelors degree is actually an undergraduate degree. While many students choose to obtain an Associates Degree (two year degree) a Bachelors degree is usually the first degree a student earns on the academic ladder. Many fields, including law and medicine require that a student continue in school until they obtain other degrees in their major field. These degrees include a Masters degree followed by a doctorate degree.

There are several different types of bachelors degree that a person can earn. The most commonly earned degrees are the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. Both of these programs generally require that a student complete 180 credits in their specialized study. The Bachelor of Science degree is usually earned by students who want a career in the world of science. The Bachelor of Arts degree is usually earned by students who are wanting to pursue a career in the arts or humanities. Other popular bachelor degrees include Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Applied Science.

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