Associates Degree Computer

With the numerous Associates Degree computer colleges vying for your enrollment one of your first endeavors you will have to undertake will be to choose one which is accredited. Many Associates Degree computer colleges say they are accredited, but for it to truly be legitimate they need to be recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Accreditation.

There are key points that the US Department of Education uses to identify online colleges and universities. First, the online college or university must meet be able to meet established standards and offer assistance to students. Online colleges and universities must also have set goals that will increase its educational standards. Staff and faculty must be involved in evaluation and planning as necessary and the school must have criteria in place for federal financial assistance.

What a terrible fix you would be in if you paid for an online Associates degree only to find that your online credits were not valuable elsewhere, or that future employers frowned upon your choice of online colleges! Truthfully, many employers will view a degree from an unaccredited college or university as moot and pointless. They may also feel that it is a mark on your ability to investigate, prepare and make important decisions. The chances are great that if you enroll at an online computer college or university that is not accredited it will all have just been a waste of time and money.

With a little research it is not hard to locate an online college that is accredited. When you do you can relax. You will know that all of the work you will be putting into your education will be rewarded. You will have an acknowledged degree and the respect of future employers.