Associates Degree Distance Education

The traditional way for a student to obtain a degree is to travel to a college campus and take classes from a professor in person. With the advent of technology, videotapes, CD-ROMs, the Internet and closed-circuit television students can now earn their degrees without ever leaving home. This is what is referred to as distance education by universities and colleges. Associate Degree distance education instruction involves a combination of objective examination, audiovisual lectures and correspondence with an instructor. 

Many people are familiar with correspondence schools. They have been around for decades; however they were limited in what they could do. All school work was passed through the postal service and very little interaction took place between students and their instructors.  Early improvements were made which meant that videotaped lectures were sent back and forth through the mail, along with a final examination. However, this really did very little to improve a student’s test scores.

Today, Associates Degree distance education has greatly improved. Students can now watch lectures in real time and have remote communication with their instructors on a daily basis if they want. This has greatly personalized distance education and it is equal to traditional forms of education. The great thing about Associates Degree distance education today is that students feel that they are “in the loop” even while they are earning their degrees at home. They receive the same assignments and listen to the same instruction as students who are physically attending the class.

If you have always wanted to get your degree you should know that distance education degrees are as respected as degrees from traditional brick and mortar colleges and universities. They are also more affordable than attending college in person. The affordability and the fact that students can earn online degrees at home would account for the popularity of distance education today.