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Understanding the National Goals. ERIC Digest., Gronlund, Laurie E.

Crossing Pedagogical Oceans: International Teaching Assistants in U.S. Undergraduate Education. ERIC Digest., Smith, Rosslyn

Assessing Student Performance in Science. ERIC CSMEE Digest., Haury, David L.

Approaching Standards for Mathematics Assessment. ERIC/CSMEE Digest., Brosnan, Patricia A.; Hartog, Martin D.

Alternative Assessment: Implications for Social Studies. ERIC Digest., Nickell, Pat

A Communicative Approach to Observation and Feedback. ERIC Digest., Aiex, Nola Kortner

Alternative Assessment and Technology. ERIC Digest.,

The Concept of Statistical Significance Testing. ERIC/AE Digest., Thompson, Bruce

Psychodiagnosis for Counselors: The DSM-IV. ERIC Digest., Hinkle, J. Scott

Workplace ESL Instruction: Varieties and Constraints. ERIC Digest., McGroarty, Mary; Scott, Suzanne

Tech Prep/Associate Degree (TPAD) Academic Outcomes. ERIC Digest., Prager, Carolyn

Theory Meets Practice in Language Arts Assessment. ERIC Digest., Farr, Roger; Tone, Bruce

Supervisory Evaluation and Feedback. ERIC Digest., Harris, Morag B. Colvin

Providing Curriculum Alternatives To Motivate Gifted Students. ERIC Digest E524., Winebrenner, Susan; Berger, Sandra

Assessing the Development of Preschoolers. ERIC Digest., Katz, Lilian G.

Alternative Assessment and Second Language Study: What and Why? ERIC Digest., Hancock, Charles R.

Improving Evaluation in Experiential Education. ERIC Digest., Hendricks, Bruce

Collaboration in Adult ESL and Family Literacy Education. ERIC Digest., Schlessman-Frost, Amy

Collaborative Peer Review. The Role of Faculty in Improving College Teaching. ERIC Digest., Keig, Larry; Waggoner, Michael D

La Evaluacion del Desarrollo de los Alumnos Preescolares (Assessing the Development of Preschoolers). ERIC Digest., Katz, Li

Creating Meaningful Performance Assessments. ERIC Digest E531., Elliott, Stephen N.

Using Performance Assessment in Outcomes-Based Accountability Systems. ERIC Digest E533., McLaughlin, Margaret J.; Warren, S

The Status and Scope of Faculty Evaluation. ERIC Digest., Rifkin, Tronie

The ERIC/AE Test Locator Service. ERIC/AE Digest., Doolittle, Peter; And Others

Questions To Ask When Evaluating Tests. ERIC/AE Digest., Rudner, Lawrence M.

Teacher Portfolio Assessment. ERIC/AE Digest., Doolittle, Peter

Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet. ERIC/AE Digest., Drake, Liselle; Rudner, Lawrence

The Program Evaluation Standards. ERIC/AE Digest.,

Evaluating Workplace ESL Instructional Programs. ERIC Digest., Burt, Miriam; Saccomano, Mark

Adult ESL Learner Assessment: Purposes and Tools. ERIC Digest., Burt, Miriam; Keenan, Fran

Assessment Skills of Counselors, Principals, and Teachers. ERIC Digest., Impara, James C.

Assessment Skills for School Counselors. ERIC Digest., Schafer, William D.

Mental Health Counseling Assessment: Broadening One's Understanding of the Client and the Clients Presenting Concerns. ERIC

CACREP Accreditation: Assessment and Evaluation in the Standards and Process. ERIC Digest., Bobby, Carol L.; Kandor, Joseph

The Role of Assessment in Counselor Certification. ERIC Digest., Clawson, Thomas

Assessment of Counselor Performance. ERIC Digest., Loesch, Larry C.

Evaluating School Guidance Programs. ERIC Digest., Gysbers, Norman C.

New Assessment Methods for School Counselors. ERIC Digest., Popham, W. James

Sound Performance Assessments in the Guidance Context. ERIC Digest., Stiggins, Richard J.

Portfolios for Assessment and Instruction. ERIC Digest., Arter, Judith A.; And Others

Opportunity To Learn Standards: Their Impact on Urban Students. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 110., Schwartz, Wendy

Emerging Student Assessment Systems for School Reform. ERIC Digest., Roeber, Edward

Assessment of Abilities. ERIC Digest., Harrington, Thomas F.

Interest Assessment. ERIC Digest., Hansen, Jo-Ida C.

Assessment of Self-Concept. ERIC Digest., Strein, William

Assessment of Temperament. ERIC Digest., Teglasi, Hedwig

Assessment of Preschool Children. ERIC Digest., Vacc, Nicholas A.; Ritter, Sandra H.

Screening for Special Diagnoses. ERIC Digest., de La Paz, Susan; Graham, Steve

Assessment in Career Counseling. ERIC Digest., Prediger, Dale J.

Assessing Career Certainty and Choice Status. ERIC Digest., Hartung, Paul J.

Gender Differences in Adolescent Career Exploration. ERIC Digest., Farmer, Helen S.

Assessing Employability Skills. ERIC Digest., Saterfiel, Thomas H.; McLarty, Joyce R.

Assessing Career Development with Portfolios. ERIC Digest., Lester, Juliette N.; Perry, Nancy S.

Ethics in Assessment. ERIC Digest., Schmeiser, Cynthia B.

Multicultural Assessment. ERIC Digest., Sedlacek, William E.; Kim, Sue H.

Fairness in Performance Assessment. ERIC Digest., Lam, Tony C. M.

Computer-Assisted Testing in Counseling and Therapy. ERIC Digest., Sampson, James P., Jr.

Testing Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest., Geisinger, Kurt F.; Carlson, Janet F.

The School Psychologist's Role in School Assessment. ERIC Digest., Rosenfield, Sylvia; Nelson, Deborah

Cooperation between School Psychologists and Counselors in Assessment. ERIC Digest., Smith, Douglas K.

Using Buros Institute of Mental Measurements Materials in Counseling and Therapy. ERIC Digest., Plake, Barbara S.; Conoley,

Locating and Evaluating Career Assessment Instruments. ERIC Digest., Kapes, Jerome T.

Inappropriate Statistical Practices in Counseling Research: Three Pointers for Readers of Research Literature. ERIC Digest.,

Redesigning Higher Education. Producing Dramatic Gains in Student Learning. ERIC Digest., Gardiner, Lion F.

Practical Ideas on Alternative Assessment for ESL Students. ERIC Digest., Tannenbaum, Jo-Ellen

Item Bias Review. ERIC/AE Digest.

Directory of ERIC Resource Collections

ERIC/AE Digests - HTML

How to Write an ERIC/AE Digest

Writing Multiple-Choice Test Items

More Multiple-choice Item Writing Do's And Don'ts

Grading Students

How Difficult Should a Test Be?

Making the A: How To Study for Tests

Basic Item Analysis for Multiple-choice Test

Multiple Intelligences: Gardner's Theory

Content Assessment in the Native Language

Adult Intelligence

Guidelines for the Development and Management of Performance Assessments

Kerlinger's Research Myths

Hints for Designing Effective Questionnaires

Norm- and Criterion-referenced Testing

Short term consistency


Herzberg's theory of motivation and Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Statewide Assessment Programs: Policies and Practices for the Inclusion of Limited English Proficient Students

Item Banking

Item Banking, PDF

Some Evaluation Questions, by William Shadish

Some Evaluation Questions, by William Shadish, PDF

Implementing Performance Assessment in the Classroom

Implementing Performance Assessment in the Classroom, PDF

Seven Myths about Literacy in the United States

Seven Myths about Literacy in the United States, PDF

Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Student Evaluation of Faculty: Galloping Polls

Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Student Evaluation of Faculty: Galloping Polls, PDF

Helping Children Master the Tricks and Avoid the traps of Standardized Tests, PDF

A Nation Still at Risk, PDF

Strategies for Improving the Process of Educational Assessment, PDF

Performance Assessment Links in Science, PDF

The Scholastic Achievement of Home School Students, PDF

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