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Drum Lessons

You don‘t have to be an aspiring Ringo Starr to take drum lessons. In fact, you don’t even need to have a pair of drums in order to begin. Some drum lessons online will teach you the technique of drumming first before you even pick up a drumstick, so there is no need to delay lessons until you have purchased the perfect drum set. You can choose to take private drum lessons or learn online or through video classes. Many people prefer private drum lessons to the video variety because they can receive feedback from a live teacher. This is especially important for those who wish to become professional drummers, but for those who have fun as a higher priority than performance, recorded drum lessons may be a better and a cheaper alternative.

What kind of drum lessons you take may depend on the kind of drums you have the style of drumming you want to pursue. A traditional drum set requires particular type of drum lessons with training in creating specific rhythms if you want to drum to rock music or other styles. On the other hand, bongos and African drums require different kind of drum lessons. If you are unable to find the kind of drum lessons you would like to take in your area, you might consider going to a weekend seminar and take intensive drum lessons as part of a vacation or an event. This is no replacement for ongoing, weekly drum lessons, but it can help you get your start.

The first thing you may learn in your drum lessons is how to create different rhythm patterns and to read drum music. You don’t need a drum to begin with but can learn drumming patterns by drumming on almost anything. Once you work with a drum, you can practice altering volume as well as rhythm patterns and learn different styles.

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