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Elementary School Curriculum

Your child’s elementary school curriculum will determine how they are taught the basic math, English, reading, science, and social studies skills they will need to proceed on to middle school, how in depth the lessons are in these subjects, and how much exposure they get to art, music, computer, and physical education classes. The curriculum of your child’s elementary school is an absolutely key factor to their success in higher education – this is where they get the basics. The curriculum used by your child’s school district is determined by a wide range of factors, including the success of past students, standardized testing scores in the school district, teacher preference, and school funding.

Though elementary school curriculum programs are different in different school districts their most important tasks focus on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic skills to their students. Some schools teach reading using phonics programs, through which students learn to read by learning about the different sounds letters make and the sounds produced by different sound-letter combinations. Students then learn to “sound out” new words. Other curriculums focus on students learning whole words instead of sounds. This method requires students to memorize words and recognize them by sight.

In math, some elementary school curriculums teach students to memorize basic addition and subtraction problems, multiplication tables, and rules of mathematical equations. Other curriculums approach math by focusing on thinking skills instead of memorization and put more emphasis on solving word problems.

Some elementary school curriculum programs require students to be split into groups based on their ability levels, and some curriculums are opposed to this split. Different schools put a different amount of importance on art, music, and computer education.

Which elementary school curriculum is best for your child depends on your child. Each child has specific needs. If your child is struggling in the basic subjects, an outside tutor may be able to teach your child using different methods than the school that may work better. If you child is not sufficiently challenged by their school curriculum, you may also have to look outside for additional outlets for them.

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