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Kindergarten Lesson Plans

When we think back on our kindergarten experiences, a variety of things stand out. Maybe it was painting a picture at the easel, building a big tower with blocks, or playing dress-up in the dramatic play area. Whatever your memories might be, chances are they happened during your free play or choice time. The importance of incorporating ample time every day in your kindergarten lesson plans for your students to engage in free choice activities, cannot be underestimated.

While Kindergarten teachers might use different words for it, a large period of time devoted solely to free, independent choice time, needs to be an integral and daily part of your kindergarten lesson plans. Ideally, your room is structured into small learning centers, such as the block center, writing center, art center and dramatic play center. During choice time, students are free to choose whatever activities they would like, depending on the parameters you set up. You might limit the number of children in a certain area, in which case the student would have to make another choice. There might be an activity that every child must do during their independent time, but on their time frame.

In addition, most teachers set out special activities or games dedicated just to choice time. There might be a rubber stamp table, playdough table or floor puzzles. Most teachers rotate activities from week to week so the students do not tire of the same things. However, the basic learning centers in the room are usually always available for the children, but maybe with some things added in. There might be grocery store items in the dramatic play center to start with, to be replaced later on by stuffed animals after the children have visited the vet. Regardless of how you do it, it is usually the best part of the day for the students and the easiest part of your Kindergarten lesson plans to organize!

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