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Singing Lessons

Children have a natural love of singing. You can often catch them humming to themselves or singing along to a television show. It is important to capitalize on this natural joy while children are young and not self-concious about how they sound. While you might not be getting into the nitty gritty of professional singing lessons, exercising young voices and giving them the opportunity to celebrate and learn through musical expression is a gift for your students. Informal singing lessons with young children in the classroom should be an integral part of every day.

Basic singing lessons with young children can start simply by beginning and ending your day with song. Have a special song or two that you always start the day with, and it will be a signal to the children to join you in your circle. Likewise, your day can always end with the same song, so the children feel some closure to their day. Singing simple nursery rhymes together is an easy way to help students find their voices and sing together.

Another favorite of young children is the simple repeat and answer format of singing. There are many songs where you say a phrase, and the children respond, singing the same line. The song goes back and forth like that. This models for the children your voice inflection and the correct melody, so that when it is their turn, they know what they are supposed to sound like.

As children get a little older, they also enjoy singing in the round. Row, row, your boat is a good song for this. You split the group into 3 parts, and each group starts the song at a different time, directed by you. The singing lessons that the children learn from this process are fantastic. They learn to stay on key, focus and stay with a melody, much like a choral singer must do. Introducing these basic singing lessons to your students at a young age will excite them about music, and have them humming all the way home!

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