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Health Lesson Plans

One of the greatest lifetime gifts we can give our students is a sense of how to keep their bodies healthy. There are few things more important than having healthy, strong bodies to enjoy a long life. In order to convey the benefits and importance of healthy living, your health lesson plans should cover proper diet and nutrition, exercise, relaxation and down time. If children learn at a young age the key components to a healthy lifestyle, they will be well on their way to a long, happy life.

Health lesson plans that include lessons about healthy eating are indispensible to students. They can learn about the USDA Food Pyramid, and the healthy eating guidelines it sets forth. The benefits of whole grains, healthy fats, limited sugar and saturated fat should all be included. Lessons should also touch on the fantastic health benefits of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and fresh foods instead of processed foods.

Exercise is also a key component of health lesson plans looking to import the value of healthy bodies. While many young people are naturally active, some are not. Students need the opportunity to explore various options for getting their bodies moving; Whether through dance, team or individual sports, or just simple walking, being active every day is key to a healthy life. Students can experiment with heart rate monitors to see the effect that exercise has on their heart. They can do an initial fitness test, and after a month of consistent exercise, test again to see the improvements in their fitness level. They'll be astounded!

An often overlooked component of a healthy body is relaxation, and how we choose to spend our down time. Health lesson plans can include topics such as meditation, stretching and relaxation techniques. Keeping stress to a minimum is a key to a healthy lifestyle. Including all of the above into your health lesson plans will ensure that a unit on healthy bodies is a worthwhile endeavor!

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