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Photography Lessons

Are you looking for an innovative and exciting way to culminate a recent unit? Wish your students could see things from a new perspective? Consider introducing some basic photography lessons into any existing unit, and watch your students interest come alive. With some inexpensive disposable cameras or borrowed digital cameras and some simple photography lessons, your students will be off on a journey of new discovery. A photographic culmination fits perfectly into a variety of study units, and introduces your students to a new way of presenting information.

For example, lets say you have spent a great deal of time studying local history. Tell your students that they will be recording visual information they have learned, to eventually share with others. Give them an assignment: with their camera (and an adult if not old enough), they are to walk through their town and take pictures of historic buildings, monuments, historical sites or just things that are really old.

Or course they will need a few quick photography lessons before they begin.and your own personal digital camera is a great tool here. Ahead of time, take a variety of pictures, including lots of terrible shots: out of focus, the tops of buildings cut off, too much sky, etc. At the same time, take a great photo of the same subject. Use your bad photos as a way to discuss some key photographic concepts. These quick photography lessons might include making sure your picture is focused, centering the subject in the viewfinder, and making sure the subject is facing the light. You might also want to cover close up vs. distant pictures and the beauty that can be found by focusing on fine details.

After all of the photos have been developed and your students have had time to pick their favorites, they can create a gallery showing of their work, complete with captions and titles, to highlight what they have learned about the different photographic subjects. Photography lessons can add a real spark and unique twist to help students celebrate their learning!

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