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Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Those who are beginning to teach little children may need Kindergarten lesson plans to organize their learning schedule and their day. It is well known that small children crave structure and order since it gives them a feeling of stability. Kindergarten lesson plans will ensure that you can engage the children in your care with an abundance of fun and educational activities which will build essential skills. It is a good idea to follow the Kindergarten lesson plans closely so children will know what to expect at certain times during the day.

You may be teaching a split day, which means a.m. kindergarten or p.m kindergarten. The same Kindergarten lesson plans can be used for both “shifts.” As the children arrive, it may be a good idea to begin the day with independent play, although some teachers might prefer a lesson or a song to begin the day and allow for play later on. The reason for this is that it may be difficult to get kids to calm down and sit for a lesson after there has been some play time. Kindergarten lesson plans usually include some work with ABCs and counting. Learning the Alphabet can be incorporated into art projects or songs. Other things included in Kindergarten lesson plans include stories about sharing and how to get along and play well with others. The teacher can tell some inspirational stories of give children activities that involve sharing.

Kindergarten lesson plans should include some very basic math in the form of counting, and children can be asked to count almost everything. The teacher can introduce simple addition and subtraction through activities such as adding and taking away jelly beans, bean bags or other objects. After an initial lesson or song or activity, independent play time can be followed with a book a snack or naptimes. Of course, Kindergarten lesson plans can be flexible, but they should be consistent.

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