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Educational Resources

Sure, education is serious business, but there is no reason it can’t be fun, too! There are lots of great educational resources out there to make learning fun for your class. Never look at there at little sets of glazed over eyes again!

The first place you can look for educational resources are in traditional textbooks. Try out a few of the class projects recommended in the books and make use of the pre-made worksheets that come with your teacher’s edition book. Also, many textbooks have websites with even more ideas for projects, class discussions, and homework ideas. If there is a subject that seems to catch your class’s attention, the textbook’s website may offer additional information on that subject you can take to your students.

The internet, even outside of the websites associated with your textbooks, opens up a whole new world of educational resources. A simple internet search can give you a wealth of information about any given subject that you can then turn into class projects class discussions. You can go even further and use the internet to hook up your class up with other students around the world. Your foreign language students can practice their skills with classes full of native speakers, and your creative writing students can collaborate on a story with fellow students across the globe. The world is literally at your fingertips.

Look to museums and governmental agencies in your hometown and across the country for additional educational resources. Most science museums, history museums, and science museums have materials you can use in your lesson plans, whether a class trip to the museum is in the cards or not. Governmental agencies, such as law enforcement agencies, agricultural councils, and scientific groups also usually have resources geared towards education that are there for the taking.

Educational resources can help spice up your lessons. Use them to make your class excited about learning all over again!

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