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Dance Lessons

A song with a strong beat comes on the radio, and immediately one might see feet tapping and heads bobbing. Moving our bodies is a natural reaction when we hear upbeat music. Endless forms of dance have evolved to match a variety of music. Anyone interested in pursuing different types of dance, either as a hobby or a more serious pursuit, has a fantastic and varied list of choices.

Often, when we think of dance lessons, more formal options come to mind. Ballroom dancing, tap and ballet have been around for decades. There are usually numerous opportunities in more urban areas to pursue these specialties. While ballroom dancing typically requires a dance partner, tap and ballet can be studied individually. There have been many contemporary additions to the traditional dance lesson scene in the U.S. Belly dancing, an ancient middle eastern form of dance, is becoming more popular in the western world.

Hip-hop dance lessons can usually be found at many local health and dance clubs. This is a fast paced dance that originated from street break dancing in the 1970s and 80s. Jazz dance is another popular type of dance lessons, along with folk dance, swing and line dancing. While it can take years of practice and dedication to become a professional dancer, an amateur only needs a few dance lessons to get started with the basics and start feeling more comfortable on the dance floor.

The yellow pages of your local phone book are a great place to start investigating the dance lesson options available to you. In addition, talk to local teachers, parents and friends and ask for their recommendations and referrals. The internet is another great resource, especially to get further information on the different types of dance. There are usually dance lessons available for all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. Its never too late to learn how to get up and move!

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