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Writing Lesson Plans

Helping kids to get their creative writing juices flowing is often a difficult task. It is common for students to get overwhelmed by the assignment itself, and often have trouble breaking it into smaller, more manageable pieces. By consistently utilizing the writing process in your writing lesson plans, your students will be given the tools they need to be successful writers, long after they are out of school.

Your writing lesson plans should include spending a good deal of time on each part of the writing process initially. As time goes on, revisit various pieces as necessary. The first place to start for most writers is brainstorming. Students often get stuck on what to write about, and helping them learn the skill of brainstorming is key to get them over this hump. Once they have done their brainstorming and chosen a topic, they can move on to writing the first draft. Emphasize that the goal here is to simply get their ideas down on paper, without worrying too much about spelling, punctuation, etc. If the students get too mired down in the mechanics on the first draft, their ideas will not flow freely and they will easily get discouraged.

Next they need to edit their work. It is great in this stage to work with a partner who can give constructive feedback. It is also very important for them to be able to edit their own work. Once the editing is completed, they need to make any necessary revisions and move into the rewrite stage or the second draft. Depending on their age, you may require another round of editing and rewriting or it may end here. At this point, they should proofread their final piece and then hand it in for publishing. Publishing is a key component that many teachers forget, but students need to have a reason to write. Look for contests or publications that might accept your students work. Start a writing journal at school or publish pieces online on your schools website. Your students will be so proud of their hard work, and your writing lesson plans will have paid off.

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