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Phyical Education Lesson Plans

Get a gym full of running, screaming 6-year olds, and you will quickly realize that safety and order are of ultimate importance. Your physical education lesson plans need to provide ample time to train your students from the beginning about safe ways to move in the gymnasium. In addition, young children need to learn the skills of locomotion and the various means of moving their bodies in the large space of the gym. It is easy to combine these two goals to create a beginning routine for all of your classes. These ideas can be adapted for different grade levels and really add some important topics to your physical education lesson plans.

Begin by talking to your students about their personal space bubble. Tell them to imagine they are moving with an invisible bubble around them, and if they touch someone else, their bubble pops. If their bubble pops, they need to come and see you to get a new bubble.

Before you begin, talk about your freeze signal. It might be a whistle blow, loud clapping, or 3 short whistles. Tell them how you want them to freeze: with two feet on the ground, hands on knees, or on shoulders, etc. Practice this a few times before beginning.

Then describe different ways for them to move around the room, making sure not to pop their personal space bubble. Different modes of locomotion to be sure to include are: walking, galloping, hopping, skipping, jumping, side stepping, tiptoeing and jogging. If you participate as well it provides an excellent model for the students. If they come to you because their bubble has popped, you can tap them on the head or some such thing to restore their bubble. Keep note of who keeps needing to be tapped! More than a few times and they may need to sit down for a bit! Adding some fun upbeat music injects extra excitement to this lesson and your physical education lesson plans in general. If you start every lesson period with a quick warmup and review of this lesson, your students will be safe for the rest of the year.

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