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Typing Lessons

The concept of typing lessons conjures up images of sitting in a room full of dusty old typewriters surrounded by the click-clacking of fingers on keys, while a teacher recites letters or words to be typed. Some might feel that the concept of typing lessons are out of date. That couldnt be further from the truth. In the age of technology that we are currently in, typing lessons are more essential than ever. Although it is common to hear the more contemporary term keyboarding, typing lessons involve being able to type information into the computer at a fast pace, preferably without the need to look at your fingers. The goal is to memorize where all of the keys are, so that you can concentrate on the screen or any material or data you are inputting. Typing lessons can easily be started as soon as a child is old enough to use a computer, and ideally no later than early elementary school.

The big difference between typing lessons of today and those in the days of the dinosaurs, is the fact that every student can work at their own pace. The creation of a variety of typing programs has often replaced the use of a teacher, standing in front of the class, reciting letters over and over. Instead, students are given individual guidance and motivation as they log into their own program of typing lessons, designed exactly for where they are in their learning. These programs entice students to keep practicing what can often be a monotonous task. Through the use of races, scores, games and music, student interest is easily captivated.

Teachers can easily utilize these programs in their classrooms or computer labs. They will appreciate the structure that the computer based typing lessons provide. They can take pride in the fact that they are teaching their students an invaluable skill for the world today, and their students will be begging for more typing lessons!

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