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Math Lessons

Often some of the best teaching tools are right at your fingertips. Dice and playing cards offer a variety of easy to play games that can enhance your students learning at any level and add some excitement to your math lessons. In addition they are easy to find, and inexpensive, so you can collect many sets of each.

Most kids love playing with dice. At the early ages, students can roll the dice, count the dots and record the numeral they got on a piece of paper. When your math lessons include addition or subtraction, they can roll the dice to generate their math fact, and record it on paper. As they advance to place value, they can use 2 or more dice to create the largest number and the smallest number, or write all the different possible numbers they can make from the dice roll. Kids also love playing board games. At the younger ages, using dice to practice one to one correspondence by moving correctly on a game board is an essential skill.

A deck of cards is another item most children love using. There are a variety of ways to incorporate cards into your math lessons. Cards are a great tool for young children to solidify their number identification. They can choose a number card and put that many objects next to the card. Give them the number cards 1-10 out of order, and allow them to put the cards in order and count them when complete. Older children love to play the classic card game War where they each turn over a card and the higher card wins. This helps them work on the concepts of more and less. They can also turn over two cards and add the numbers together and subtract them to find the different answers.

No matter how you choose to use them, dont forget about the endless possibilities that dice and playing cards offer as you plan your math lessons!

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