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ERIC databases

ERICAE.NET offers the following ERIC databases:

  • On-Demand - A subset of the documents in the RIE database that is available in Full-text on-demand.
  • Citations in Progress - Recent CIJE and RIE database citations prepared by the Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. These papers and articles generally address assessment, statistics, and research methods.
  • 1990 - The complete set of RIE and CIJE citations prepared by all clearinghouses since 1990.
  • 1966-1989 - The complete set of RIE and CIJE citations prepared by all clearinghouses prior to 1990.
  • ERIC Digests - Briefing papers prepared by the ERIC System.

As a system ERIC produces two databases

  • Resources in Education - RIE contains abstracts of conference papers, reports, and other material submitted to ERIC typically by individual authors or their host institution. You can usually obtain copies through the ERIC Document Reproduction Service, either on microfiche, in print, or electronically
  • Current Index to Journals in Education - CIJE contains abstracts of education - related journal articles. You can obtain copies of these papers through academic libaraies, inter-library loan, or Journal reprint services such as CARL UnCover by CARL and Institute for Scientific Information.

Combined, RIE and CIJE contain over 1,000,000 citations going back to 1966. More information about the RIE and CIJE databases can be found at the ACCESS ERIC website.


Almost all of the conference papers and reports accepted for inclusion in ERIC's Resources in Education database since 1993 are now available on-line, full text, on demand. Yes, ERIC is now full text!

If your host institution is an E*subscribe customer (described below), documents will be available free to you when you search from a registered IP address (e.g. on-campus) or valid E*Subscribe user name and password address (click on the PDF icon ). If your host institution is not a subscriber, you can put documents in a shopping basket and pay with a credit card or EDRS deposit account. Access is immediate for documents resident in the ERIC electronic archive (85% of electronically releasable documents; over 50,000 documents). Older documents from 1993-1994 may require conversion to electronic format and take 2 - 3 days for order fulfillment.

To better serve users of ERIC information, the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) has established E*Subscribe, an on-line subscription service for research libraries, schools and other institutions. E*Subscribe provides unlimited access to ERIC document images from 1996 to the current Resources in Education (RIE) issue. Subscribers also have the option to obtain electronic documents from 1995 and 1994 (as of April 2000) as add-ons to their base subscription (1993 documents will be available in the fall). ERIC users with specialized information needs may subscribe to individual Clearinghouse collections, which are subject-specific subsets of the full ERIC database. For more information, visit http://www.edrs.com.

You can search ERIC database on-line and link to ERIC full text documents through the Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (http://ericae.net), the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (http://www.edrs.com), SilverPlatter's WebSPIRS, or Ovid Online. University personnel should also check their academic library's on-line offerings.

Electronic availability is limited to those documents for which the author has provided such authorization.

Abstracts in Progress

Processing of an ERIC abstract typically takes six to nine month from the time we prepare an abstract to the final product appearing in Resources in Education or the Current Index to Journals in Education. To help you obtain the latest information on assessment and evaluation, we created this experimental database of our abstract drafts. Please see http://ericae.net/sinprog.htm for more information.

ERIC Digests

Digests are short reports that synthesize research and ideas about emerging issues in education. They are designed to help members of the educational community keep up-to-date with trends and new developments. ERIC Digests are in the public domain and may be freely copied and distributed. Each digest goes through several rounds of editing and review and are about 4 pages long, 10-15K bytes. As of January 2000, there were over 1900 Digests in the Digest database

Degree Articles

School Articles

Lesson Plans

Learning Articles

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