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Beauty School

Discover which classes you can take in high school to give you an edge in beauty school.

Beauty school or cosmetology school offers many exciting career possibilities. However, as the popularity of attending beauty school grows, so does the competition to excel and to quickly establish a professional reputation. Many beauty school graduates or cosmetologists have learned that the sooner clients perceive them as knowledgeable in their field, the sooner they establish a client base and become successful in their trade.

Even before learning the specialized skills a beauty school offers, a student can prepare for a career as a cosmetologist while still in high school. Given the different types of chemicals cosmetologists work with as they treat clients hair and skin, a background in chemistry would be very helpful. If a person plans to be an esthetician, he/she may want to consider courses in biology and anatomy as these will offer basic information about the skin and muscles.

Coursework in accounting and other business classes can be very valuable for the student who is planning on opening his/her own shop after completing beauty school. While these classes may be basic at the high school level, they do offer a foundation of skills which can be expanded upon as the person goes through his/her cosmetology training.

Another high school course which will help prepare a student for beauty school is a course in human relations. Problem solving and communication skills are vital to the success (or failure) of a cosmetologist. Almost everyone who enters the field of cosmetology will be interacting with a variety of clients, to them returning it is important for a cosmetologist to know how to listen to what they want. Equally important is a cosmetologists ability to clearly communicate with customers and inform them of procedures and to make suggestions which will benefit them.

Taking these types of classes in high school and doing well in them, also demonstrates discipline and an ability to focus on tasks. This type of determination will also benefit the new cosmetologist in forging a new career path.

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