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Elementary School

Many parents experience anxiety when they think about their child entering Kindergarten and beginning in elementary schools. A great deal of the anxiety stems from parents wanting to know if their child is ready for Kindergartens and elementary schools. Some of these fears about entrance to Kindergartens and elementary schools can be quelled if parents take a few minutes each day, before the child enters school, to work on some of these skills:

Shapes: Point out shapes to your child. Ask him or her to name them for you. Praise your child when he/she identifies a shape correctly. Asking your child to trace shapes in pictures and books, as you say its name, encourages your child to form a connection between the shape and its name.

Colors: Show your child a variety of colors. Encourage them to name the colors they see.

Reading: Read to your child as often as you can! Numerous studies show literacy is a key to success in and out of school. As you read, ask your child what they think the story is about. Encourage your child to talk about the stories you read and to identify the action and emotions of they characters.

Following directions: Praise your child for following directions and gently re-direct them if they do not. Allow your child to give occasionally give directions as well. Talk with him/her about how important it is to follow the directions of trusted adults and discuss what happens when people do not follow directions.

Talking: Encourage your child to speak in an appropriate tone and volume (i.e. indoor voice vs. outside voice.) Ask him or her to use words to express desires and feelings. If the child does not know a word for an object and is pointing to it tell them the name of the object as you hand it to them. The next time they point at it ask them to try to say the objects name before you give it to them.

Encourage learning: Be patient when your child asks questions. Encourage them to think about what if situations. Show them simple cause and effect actions.
Most of all have fun! Children have a natural curiosity; enjoy discovering the world through their eyes!

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