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School Supplies

Every high school student knows the drill: come to school the first day, meet your new teachers, listen to the classroom procedures, and pick up that classs school supplies list. For many students, the next step is to nonchalantly throw that same list in the trash as you head out of the door, thinking that you can always borrow a pen and some paper whenever you need them. While this may be the easiest way to handle your school supply needs, it is certainly not the most responsible or the most mature.

Your teachers have created a list of the supplies you will need for the class not to be picky, and certainly not to be irritating! They have carefully planned out their lessons for that year, and have then decided what supplies you will need in order to be successful with those activities. For most high school students, this simply means to come adequately stocked with paper, notebooks, and writing utensilsmore advanced science and math classes may require calculators or other lab materials. Since your one of teachers first impressions of you will be whether or not you bring the necessary materials to class, show them that you truly care about your studies by coming well prepared to class. They will certainly make a mental note of it, and your fellow classmates will definitely be relieved to not have to constantly supply you with paper and pencils!

If the costs of stocking up with school supplies places a real burden on your family, be sure to let your teachers know. They usually have the resources to help you gather up everything you need for school success, and are more than happy to share with students who take their schoolwork seriously. You may also think about partnering up with one of your friends in order to split the costs of the school supplies. For example, buy a packet of 12 pens and split the costs; or buy several reams of paper and divide it up between you. You and a friend can probably get very creative in thinking of ways to save money.

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