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Private School

There is always a debate whether you should let your kid to go to public or private school. Each of the two has its own advantages and disadvantages that make them look better in a certain perspective compared to the other.

Undoubtedly with the quality of education, a private school is better compared to a public school. Lesser student to teacher ratio can lead to better results. Each student will be guided better by a teacher, giving him or her more opportunities to ask questions and seek help regarding the subjects. Kids will also have more opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities in a private school. Instead of competing with hundreds to become a basketball varsity player, youll literally be fighting for a position with only a dozen or more.

On the other hand, public school is very attractive to other parents since public school fees cost a lot less compared to a private school. Lets face it. We all wish that we can go to a private school which costs like a public school but we just have to live with our public school system for now. In most cases, it doesnt really matter if the kid is determined enough to study. Going to a private school doesnt guaranteed top academic results. As long as the kid is willing to learn, he or she will be alright.

Another difference that you will notice is the structure. Private schools have a strict structure whereas public schools tend to be loose in some of their systems. For one, most of the private schools require uniforms while public schools give their students the freedom to wear whatever they want.

With the pros and cons of public and private schools, its hard to choose whats best for your kid. Whether you choose a private or public school, you have to make sure the kids study well. Schools are just stepping stones. It still depends on the kids if they want to excel in their studies.

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