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School Security

Becoming a police officer usually means that you have an affinity for keeping the peace and a love of order. School officials will generally assume that a police officer who becomes assigned to their school has these two important qualities. However, there are many other roles that a school security officer must play if he is to carry out his job well:
Friend. Not to sound too corny, but school officers really must befriend the students on their campuses, especially the ones who are known as the troublemakers. Officers cannot expect to gain the respect of the students if the students do not trust them; which is why they must work hard to build relationships with as many students as they can. It is also important for the officers to seek out the loners on campus, both for the penchant of these loners to act out, and for the kindness the officers show to students who may feel as if they are invisible to everyone else.

Cheerleader. School security officers should show up to as many school events as possible and root their students on with gusto. Parents, teachers, and student need to see that the officers care about their school as much as they do, which is why the officers are working to keep everyone safe. Of course, extracurricular activities are also a haven for latent animosity and subsequent fighting, which is another reason why it is important for school security officers to be a visible present.

Teacher. Every adult who works on school campuses has a dual role as a teacher, and a school security officer should be no exception. Officers should use every opportunity to teach students about personal safety, tolerance, and personal excellence. The easiest way to do this is to make sure every conversation is full of positive words and encouragementbecause the best role model is also the best teacher.

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