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School Fundraisers

Many schools serve children in low income areas, or have limited cash available to participate in fundraisers that require a significant amount of upfront money. Do not be dismayed if your school does not have a lot of money available for fundraisingthere are many types of activities that do not require any type of cash. It just takes some creativity, teamwork, and a small amount of organization to get the ball rolling and making your school some funds!

The first type of no cost fundraising is the catalog sale. These types of fundraisers are very popular around the holidays, as supporters can purchase items to give as gifts. There are many fundraising companies that offer catalogs for schools to use, and the school makes their profits by receiving a percentage of the sales. The only downfall to a catalog fundraiser is that some kids do not have access to a large network of people who would be willing to purchase items through the fundraiser, so they may have a hard time selling a lot. Usually, though, there are enough students able to sell large quantities that the school will make a significant amount of funds.

Another type of fundraiser that does not require upfront costs is the service activity or special event. In a service fundraiser, students can perform car washes, lawn mowing, or any other type of personal service to members of the community for donations. Usually, kids like these kind of activities, and they have the chance to build camaraderie at the same time they are earning funds. It will take the volunteer effort of either school faculty, parents, or both, in order to make this type of service activity a success. Schools may also have an event to raise money; such as a walk-a-thon, jump rope-a-thon, or any other type of sporting event. Students would obtain sponsors for the event, and then collect the money after it is over. Again, this is a type of fundraiser that many kids find quite enjoyable.

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