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School Lockers

Not all school districts still allow their students to have school lockers; so if you are lucky enough to continue to have this privilege, be sure to make the most of it! You can truly make your school locker a place that is fun to visit, as well as a place where other students can discover your interests and talents.

If you are an artist, tape some of your best work to the inside door of your locker, and then just sit back and wait for others to ask you about your projects. Your friends may be surprised at your talent; even more so if you make them the subject of your next sketch! For those of you who are not artistic, a few choice magazine cut-outs can make your locker look great; you can even make a collage with a special theme, such as summertime, or school stress effects, or whatever interests you. It is really fun to change out your artwork every once in a while, too. Another great idea is to use magazine cut-outs, or even magnetic letters and words, to create sentences and phrases that are humorous or thought-provoking. Before you know it, people will be making a special trip by your locker to see what you have come up with next!

Besides making your locker look great, you should also make sure that you keep it stocked with some of the essentials you need while away from home. Of course you should keep extra writing utensils and paper on hand; but you should think about stocking other items, as well. If the school allows, keep a few granola bars or snack bags of nuts or crackers in your school locker to beat those late afternoon hunger pains. It is also a good idea to keep any necessary toiletries in your locker to avoid having to ask around or go to the school nurse. Avoid putting anything valuable in your locker, however, as you dont want to have to worry about them being taken during the school day.

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