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Home School Curriculum

Taking the giant step to teaching at home is an adventure. As in all adventures, there will be obstacles you must face. One such obstacle is choosing the right home school curriculum for your children. With so many options of teaching methods, one can get confused as to what home school curriculum to use.

A very popular choice is the life as curriculum method. Basically, the teacher uses examples of every day life to teach such lessons like social studies, biology or nutrition. Many home teachers like to follow the childrens cues and expand on their interests to teach a specific lesson. An example could be that you child has a current interest in snow, so the teacher would initiate a discussion about snow, which would lead to lessons in meteorology (weather), art (the beauty of the snowflake), social studies (people who live in cold places) and science (how snow is formed). This form of learning is also called unschooling.

If the child has a talent for reading and words, the home teacher might find it more appropriate to teach using literature-based methods. While there may be some textbooks involved, most of the materials used are actual books used to teach about a specific topic. If your topic is Past Presidents of the United States, the home school curriculum will involve stories or novelettes that introduce the President as the main character in a story, using actual historical facts throughout. Literature-based methods will also advance your childs aptitude for writing as they are exposed to more words.

The eclectic home school curriculum involves picking and choosing certain aspects of various teaching methods, to build your own philosophy of teaching. One can take the nature aspect of a Charlotte Mason education, and combine it with the grammar aspect of the classical method. The home teacher has more control over the curriculum.

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