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School Playground Equipment

The sound of children playing during recess, laughing and screaming in delight, is easily one of the favorite sounds of elementary teachers. When else during the school day do children get to run, play, swing, and let themselves go in delight? Ask any elementary student what there favorite time of the day is, and almost all of them will answer with one word: recess. However, as enjoyable as recess is, school playground equipment can also become a source of injury if the appropriate safety precautions are not taken.

Some districts have completely scrapped playground swings due to the potential for safety hazards that are an inherent part of this type of equipment. If your school still has swings, there should be a supervising adult stationed near them at all times to make sure that students swing properly, refrain from jumping from the swings while they are still moving, and that kids to not walk in front of or behind the swings.

Most school districts have installed some type of slides and monkey bar equipment (usually referred to as a jungle gym) on their playgrounds, which quickly become the hub of the students recess scene. There should be some type of surface material in place underneath the jungle gym to soften the students falls from this equipment. The type of material varies from a form of mulch to a sand blend; as long as the resulting surface is softer than the ground underneath, it should be satisfactory.

More importantly than the type of school playground equipment or the individual schools rules of recess is the amount of adult supervision during the students play time. There should be plenty of faculty observing the students at all times, encouraging all students to exercise and preventing types of play that could result in avoidable injuries. Make sure that teachers understand the importance of paying attention while they are on recess duty, as kids can be injured extremely quickly if not supervised well.

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