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Law Schools

There are many excellent law schools in the country. If you are planning to go to law school, you need to choose a few suitable ones to apply to. Law schools are considered a professional, postgraduate program, and you must complete an undergraduate degree to be considered for admission. Going to law schools can be very stressful, but it is rewarding and promising.

Most students want to attend the best law schools, like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other top notch colleges, but bear in mind that the tuition fees in such colleges can be very costly and the course loads are quite extreme. If you can handle the expenses and the pressure, you can apply to one or two top law schools. Try to apply to as many as 5 schools, including those that are sure to accept you. Make sensible choices according to your academic qualifications.

Other than your GPA and LSAT score, you will also need to produce an essay about yourself. Basically, this is just a statement about your personality and your past achievements. It is advisable that you do not write too much about your philosophy or ideals. You should include all the highlights of your academic career and promote your good qualities.

Another important part of your application is the letters of recommendation. You can ask your teachers or employers to write these letters for you. Make sure that the recommenders are well-acquainted with you, so that they can give an honest and convincing account of your abilities.

Before you apply to law schools, visit your local courts, attend different trials, talk to lawyers and observe the legal system. While you are observing lawyers and judges at work, you will get an idea of some of the skills, knowledge and values necessary for a career in law. Then consider which law schools will give you the education that will satisfy your idea of what a lawyer should be.

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