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School Uniforms

If you are like most high school students, the thought of wearing school uniforms makes you cringe with irritation. You may not want the school district telling you what kind of shirt you can wear, what color it has to be, and telling you that you cannot wear jeans. Before you organize a protest outside of the administration building, however, take a moment to think about the positive benefits of wearing school uniforms.

While you may enjoy showing your individuality with your choice of clothing, admit that it takes a bit of energy trying to decide what you are going to wear every day. Why not just admit that not having to think about what you will wear to school will actually be quite nice? You can just wake up in the morning, pull on your uniform, and finish getting ready for school. Who is not going to like a few extra minutes of sleep on a school day?

Your family may have plenty of money to buy you just the clothes you want to wear to school; but what about the kids whose families struggle financially? It cannot be easy for them to see everyone else in designer jeans and the latest style of skirts, while they are left to wear whatever they can afford. By wearing school uniforms, all of the students start off the school day on somewhat of a similar playing field. Isnt is also kind of nice to let go of the stresses that come with keeping up with the styles of everyone else?

You may not think much about school safety, but the administrators and teachers at your school certainly do. Whether you realize it or not, some gangs and negative social groups wear certain colors or styles as a way to identify themselves. Other students may push the limits of appropriateness by wearing their pants too low, or by showing too much skin. Establishing a firm policy on school uniforms helps your school faculty keep control of the student body. Doesnt that make you feel even a bit more comforted about the safety of your school?

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