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School fundraiser

All schools need money for projects, supplies and programming. Many schools do not have the money that it takes to do all of the things that are necessary. That is where a school fundraiser comes into play. If you are creative with your school fundraiser, you can go beyond selling wrapping paper or cookie dough. Here are some creative school fundraiser ideas that will get everybody excited about earning money.

Get into the Spirit:
One fun way to earn money for your school is to have weekly spirit days. Just pick a day of the week and pick a theme. Then allow students and teachers to dress up as that week's theme if they pay a dollar. For example, you could pick a theme of the 50s. If every student and teacher at your school paid one dollar to dress up in a poodle skirt or blue jeans and a black leather jacket, you could make a lot of money for your school. If you have 700 students in your school, just think of the possibilities. You wouldn't have to stop at one of these days either, you to do one a month or one every week until you get the amount of money that you need.

Tiles and Bricks:
Here is another school fundraiser idea. Say you want to raise money to build a new playground for your school. Then why not get everybody involved by allowing families to buying bricks, stepping stones, or titles that they can decorate. Once these are decorated and the playground is built, these can all be displayed outside. Parents could sponsor for $20 and you would certainly get a lot of participation. This may cost a little more in materials, but it is a great way for students and family to feel what they have made a difference at their school.

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