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School Reunion

Everyone enjoys attending their school reunions and seeing old friends; make sure that you plan an event that is enjoyable for the entire family.

Planning a school reunion is a wonderful time. You get to make contact with people you havent spoken with in some time, and what could be more fun than to renew long lost friendships and see the faces of people who were dear to you during your high school days? However, any reunion that is commemorating 20 years or fewer out of school really needs to take young children into account. While it may be tempting to plan a weekend of adults-only events and quiet evenings of remembrance, by doing so you will automatically stop many classmates with children from attending the school reunion, or you will be causing these classmates to potentially spend a lot of money on childcare. Instead, get creative and plan activities that will please both the young and old.

Local Zoos: If your community does not have a local zoo, use at least one of the reunions evening to plan a short trip to a nearby town that does. No site is more conducive to family outings than a zoolarge or small. Classmates can visit and catch up while they are enjoying the animals with their children. Most zoos also have large picnic areas that are perfect for hosting picnic lunches.

Karaoke Singing Night in a Restaurant Banquet Room: This is a really creative way to bring back school memories at a school reunion! If you plan ahead, you can decorate the room with blowups from your yearbook and school memorabilia. Pop in some popular songs from your high school years, sit back, and laugh along with your children to the performances!While the kiddos are eating, everyone can have some good time to talk and reminisce.

Once you realize how much fun you can have planning a school reunion that is family-friendly, you wont even feel like you are missing out on anything! It will be so much easier for your classmates with children to commit to attending if they know that their children will be welcome at the eventsbesides, who doesnt like showing off their little ones?

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