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School Backpacks

With todays increasing security measures in schools, the days of being able to creatively decorate lockers with photographs, notes, and stickers are quickly disappearing. But dont worry, you can still help your students show the world who they are by encouraging them to turn their backpack into their own roving locker door.

One easy way to do this is to buy a fairly plain backpack to begin with. What is the fun in simply turning your child into a walking advertisement for the latest doll, movie, or game? Help your students decorate their own backpack, instead! Start with a neutral coloror start with a wild color, if that is youre the childs personality. Younger children can then take some simple markers and write their names, and maybe their friends names, along with some simple drawings. Older children may want to add their own, more detailed, illustrations; and perhaps some of their favorite poetry or song lyrics. Often older teenagers have a favorite band, so they could add a few bumper stickers, as well (Remember the old guitar cases? This is just a modern version!). The rest of the backpack is completely up to you and your students, and the ideas truly are endless. Think buttons, ribbons, camouflage material, anything that can be sewed on, glued on, drawn on, or even stapled on is fair gameprovided it is school appropriate, of course!

If your students would rather make their backpack a bit more polished, there are many companies that are now manufacturing backpacks that have places for photos and other mementos. This type of a backpack is a great idea for children who have taken a unique trip and are excited about showing their photographs off to their friends. There are no rules for personalizing backpacks, only great ideas! Spend a class or two together with your students, turning their backpacks into works of art that they will be proud to strap on every morning!

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