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High School Musical

So, you think you can be an actor or an actress? Why not test the waters by auditioning for your high school musical? Even if your singing voice isnt star quality, there are talking parts in musicals. If you decide to try your hand as a thespian find out when auditions are for your high school musical then read through some of the suggestions below and GO FOR IT! Who knows, you may be the next great star on the silver screen!

Once you find out the name of your high school musical, do some research and find a copy of the script. It may also be helpful to view a production of the musical on videotape or DVD. To understand how some of the musical numbers flow, you might even want to look for a CD soundtrack of the production. View and listen to audio and video productions of the musical it will help you get to know your material.

If you will be preparing song for your high school musical audition, choose carefully. Select one that is well within your vocal range. The day you audition for the high school musical is not the day you want to see if you can hit a high C or not! Be sure to practice your piece before you audition. If you will have an accompanist, try to practice at least once with them as well.

Get plenty of rest the night before the audition, so you can give the audition your best performance.

Dont fixate on getting the lead role. You can have just as much fun playing a supporting character as you can being the star of the show. (Sometimes a quirky secondary character can do more to showcase your acting talent than a lead role.)
Remember, it isn't the end of the world if you don't get a leading part, or don't get in at all. Handle any rejection with grace and poise there will be other acting opportunities. If you are serious about becoming an actor or actress and want to improve your talent you may even want to ask the director for a critique of your audition. However, if they give it to you handle any criticisms with maturity and dignity. It is important to leave a good impression you never know who may at your next audition!

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