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School Rings

Most high school students look forward to the day when they go to pick out their class rings. The ring companies usually have produced a glossy catalog, filled with page after page of options for metals, stones, engraving, and artwork. You may be tempted to choose a ring that is flashy, and proudly displays your school, your name, and every activity you participated in during your four years of school. A ring such as this may be fun to wear the remainder of your senior year; but you may not want to wear your ring much later than when you walk through the school doors for the last time. Why not spend a while designing a ring that reflects who you are as a person as much as it celebrates your high school years?

While some men may be able to pull off large rings with raised stones, most women will eventually decide that such a large ring is too overpowering for their hands. Both men and women should consider purchasing a ring that is a bit understated, and is made of the type of metal they normally wear for jewelry. This means, if you usually wear silver jewelry, then a sterling silver, or genuine silver, ring with a classic stone is a good choice. Many students choose their birthstone for their school ring, which is a good option.

As for which activities to celebrate on your ring, it is best to narrow it down to the most important one, or perhaps two, which can be displayed on either side of your stone, beside your schools name or emblem. Some ring companies give you the option of imprinting a symbol underneath your stonein this case, pick a piece of art that is a symbol of you as a person rather than your time in high school. This way, you will carry a reminder of your core values with you every time you put your ring on. Finishing off your design with your name engraved on the underside will leave you with a piece of jewelry that can become a keepsake, and even a family heirloom.

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