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Discount School Supplies

Buying student school supplies can quickly overwhelm a parent and a family budget. However, with a little preparation, this process does not have to be as complicated and expensive as it may seem. Below are some tips and suggestions to help make buying school supplies easier on the familys pocketbook.

One of the first things to do in finding discounted school supplies is to think and plan ahead. One way to do this is when school supply lists come out in the fall, get a copy of your childs supply list for the upcoming and look at the lists for the grade your child will be in the following year. By looking a year ahead, you can keep an eye out for bargains during the entire year before they are actually needed.

If possible, buy school supplies in bulk. You may want to contact other families to see what school supplies they need. If it is possible to combine multiple families into one large list, everyone may save money by purchasing school supplies from bulk retailers such as Sams Club or Costco.

Another source of discounted school supplies may be local businesses. Often larger businesses have promotional items such as pens or pencils printed with their logo and information. Some business may be willing to give you several free promotional items in return for the potential advertising they may get by having the imprinted items used in school.

There are some school supplies which you can count on your student needing every year, regardless of the grade he or she is entering. Pens, pencils, folders and notebooks are examples of staple supplies. Watch local stores for sales on these items during the year and stock up when the prices drop. Additionally, purchasing items periodically saves the familys budget from taking a major hit during the back-to-school season.

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