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Nursing Schools

There are three different types of degrees you can get from nursing schools. The time frame for completing them also differs. Each of the degree is geared towards a specific type of nursing work.

Practical Nursing Degree - this degree can usually be completed in two to three years. Nursing schools of this type are usually associated to junior colleges so youll basically find them everywhere. Once youve earned a degree in practical nursing, your work will focus on practical care such as taking care of the elderly in the nursing homes or hospitals under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor.

Associate Nursing Degree there are nursing schools that offer an associate degree of nursing which can be a step towards the baccalaureate degree in nursing. You can complete this degree in nursing schools in two years depending on the subjects you have already completed. Upon completion, youll be able to do the work of practical nurses and assist actual nurses in their hospital work. The main difference between Practical Nursing and Associate Nursing is the option to proceed to completing a baccalaureate degree. Because of this, most of the subjects covered in this degree are usually introductory to nursing.

Baccalaureate Degree this is a full blown four years course offered by nursing schools. Nursing schools are completely separate from community colleges so aside from basic college admission test, students should also pass the nursing admission test conducted by the nursing schools. Upon completion, these graduates will be the nurses who will be working with doctors at the hospital. Theyll be able to do the things that practical and associate nurses do. Among the three nursing degrees, the baccalaureate nurses earn the highest pay as they will be required to work in hospitals where a higher degree of skills will be required.

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