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Flight Schools

Man has always been fascinated with flight. The freedom of the open skies is appealing to many. Some people take this love of the wild blue yonder a step farther and seek to master the skill of learning to fly by enrolling in flight schools. If you have a desire to go into the great wide open at the helm of an aircraft, it is crucial you make an informed choice about the flight schools and flying lesson opportunities available to you.

The first thing you will need to determine as you evaluate flight schools, is what is your long-term goal regarding flying. Do you want to be a profession pilot? If so, do you want to fly commercial or private airplanes? Are you seeking to learn to fly as a hobby? If so, what types of aircrafts do you want to learn about? Once you have decided your long term goal, you will need to determine if you will be seeking flight schools for full-time enrollment or part-time enrollment.

As you look at different flight schools, you should compare the schedule of classes to your availability. There are two types of flights schools Part 61 and Part 141 depending under which section of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) they operate. Part 61 schools require 40 hours for a private certificate and Part 141 schools require 35 hours for private certification. It is worth your time to further research these parts of the FAR to determine which type of school would be the best match for your long term aviation goals.

Once you narrow your choices to a few schools visit the programs that interest you. Ask questions about the program, the qualifications of the instructors and the delivery of instruction. Before giving the school any money, be sure a written contract is in place which clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities the school has for instruction as well as any liabilities they may incur.

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